Published Jun 26, 2022
Written By:  Conor Forrest
             South Region Contributor


With the Women’s Football Club of Charlotte improving its 2022 record to 5-1-1 in comparison to its 3-4-1 record last season, Emma Sexton has been an essential factor in WFC’s success.

In her break-out season, Sexton has contributed eight goals in five matches played and is currently tied with three other WPSL players for the third top goal scorer across the league. While Sexton is riding the highs of her success this season, it was not always smooth sailing for the rising Lander University sophomore.

Going into her junior year of high school, Sexton suffered a torn ACL. This injury would keep her off the field for almost a year, and at the time, she was uncommitted to playing college soccer. This injury made Sexton reconsider the possibility of pursuing her dream of playing at the collegiate level.


“I was going through all the recruiting stuff, which is just pure chaos,” Sexton said. “I feel like for girls my age when they go through that, you just panic, and you're like, what school am I even going to end up at, or will I even play college soccer.”


Not only did her torn ACL affect her potential college career, but it also affected Sexton’s mentality off the field.


“I was very, very sad, mostly because I knew I was going to be out for a year, but I was also still traveling with my team to all these showcases,” Sexton said. “I just had to sit on the sidelines while there are hundreds of college coaches around and just know that all of my teammates are going to these big schools and having so much interest, and I'm not getting to show myself.”


Sexton went to physical therapy every single day to at least play in her senior season. With many of her teammates already committed, Sexton believed it might be too late. However, while at a showcase, she was spotted by Lander University, who was willing to take the risk on her.


Now committed to the Division II school, Sexton joined WFC of Charlotte for its inaugural 2021 season. However, before the start of the WPSL season, Sexton suffered a slight fracture in her ankle and though she tried to play through it, she was not able to perform at her best.


After going off to Lander University and contributing to nine goals in 14 matches with six goals and three assists, Sexton returned to WFC injury-free and with a point to prove. Sexton’s first year at Lander gave her experience playing against older players and she has been able to put that experience into effect for WFC.


“Anytime you can play against people that are older or more athletic than you or just better than you, it just teaches you how to evolve, just to compete with them,” Sexton said.


With Sexton’s newfound confidence and without injuries holding her back, she has gone on to become one of the top strikers in the WPSL. With one match remaining in WFC’s regular season, Sexton still has room to add to her goal collection before the season ends.