The Match Fit Academy Midfielder Couldn't Have Expected Her Nine-Month Recovery Period to be Delayed 2.5 Years
Published Jun 21, 2021
Photo Credits:  Match Fit Academy Media


After tearing her ACL during her senior season of high school in 2019, Match Fit Academy midfielder, Alexandra Searing, didn’t anticipate her nine-month recovery period to turn into nearly two and half years away from the game she loved due to obstacles mostly out of her control.


Electing to redshirt the 2019 Fall Season with Loyola University to focus on her rehab, the Allentown, New Jersey native expected to return to the field in time for the 2020 spring offseason. However, this plan was mute as the world faced the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic.


You truly don’t realize how much you need something until it is taken away from you,” Searing said. “That something for me was soccer.”


Searing then set her eyes on playing the Fall 2020 collegiate season only to once again have her return put on hold from the pandemic as the NCAA elected to move season to spring of 2021.


All I wanted to do was play,” Searing said. “I missed every feeling you get during a game…  the pregame excitement, the adrenalin of the first whistle, and even the soreness and exhaustion post-game.”


Positive news would finally come for Searing as her youth club, Match Fit Academy, announced they would be joining the WPSL and fielding a team for the 2021 season – the league formally unveiled the new expansion in February.


In preparation for the coming season, MFA sent out club-wide communication to both current and former players on the WPSL news in hopes of inquiring interest for those who wanted to become part of the inaugural team – one of those players was Searing who didn’t hesitate to grab the opportunity.


The second I received the email, I filled out the form accounting for my in on the team,” Searing said. “The idea of competing at a high level throughout the summer, which would both prepare me for my fall season at Loyola and allow me to play for my Match Fit coaches and with my old teammates, seemed like a dream come true.”


After recording 272 minutes for Loyola during the spring and starting three of her four appearances, Searing rejoined her MFA team and made her WPSL debut on June 5th in a 1-0 win over STA – their second match of the WPSL season. Searing’s presence solidified a strong defensive showing by the club with excellent communication and play in the center of the backline.


Competing in the South Division of the Metropolitan Conference, Match Fit Academy has since played three more matches and has moved to 2-1-2 on the season.


Their next match will come on Friday, June 25th as they travel to face New Jersey Alliance FC.



Author:  WPSL Communications