Women's Premier Soccer League      
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The Referee is required to check the player cards against the line-up. After the game they must check score information for accuracy and sign the form before receiving payment for the game.

The 4th official and team assistant are responsible for reporting the correct goal scorers, assists, cards (Y=yellow, R=red).  The home team shall provide the Game Report Form.

Home team is responsible for paying the referees after the game.

Referee, Assistant Referees and 4th Official are responsible for printing their names on the Game Report and checking the box as verification of payment.

The WPSL considers the completion and submission of the required games reports a significant part of the Referee's responsibilities and duties.  Failure to follow the match reporting requirements may result in a one-third reduction of the referee's compensation.

The following procedures must be followed:

  1. The WPSL Score Sheet must be completed, verified and signed by the referee and given to the coach of each team. Referee retains the bottom copy
  2. The WPSL Referee Report must be completed and faxed to 800-854-0913, within 24 hours of the scheduled game time.
  3. Complete the standard USSF 24 Hour Report and send it to 800-854-0913, in the event of a send off.
  4. Send any supplemental report that you feel is necessary to 800-854-0913

Local Assignors must submit pay sheets to the league office each month or by the end of the season.

Official 2016 WPSL Referee Manual